Saturday, July 4, 2009

A few quick things before I have to leave for an appointment..

1)  I think I've watched "Rush Rush" by Paula Abdul on youtube about 6 times in the last day.  I love it (despite the fact that Keanu Reeves is in it), and it makes me nostalgic for the 90's!  A frickin' great song and video.

2)  Why is it that when I'm totally motivated to organize and clean up a bit I have somewhere to be?  Like today, for an example.  I have been going through piles of junk mail and recycling paper like a crAAzy person and now I have to stop, change clothes and go do a massage.  UGH!  Which brings me to...

3)  Who in the hell wants to work on July 4th?!?  Seriously! I was all ready to stay home and pick up this dump (because...yikes) and then I have to take this appt b/c my boss will be out of town.  Now, this lady seems very nice and interesting and I'm sure I'll think she's the definition of delightful, but the last thing I want to do today is have an appointment smack in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday when I'm not working.  OK, I didn't "have to" take it, but when your boss asks you to do something for her, you can't exactly say "Actually, I have plans to stay in sweats and play let's-find-the-flat-surfaces by myself all day, with a nap thrown in for some excitement mid-afternoon", you know?  

4) Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

Gotta motor, I don't think my client would appreciate me showing up in sweats and a ponytail.  Not exactly the first impression I'd like to make if I can help it.  Later!