Monday, September 29, 2014

Dewey's R.A.T. is almost here!

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Are you guys ready for another round of Dewey's? I know I am!  I've been waiting a long time for this one, since I didn't do that great for the Spring one. My big plan is to read some "spooky" books during the 'thon, and I'm going to try (for real this time, dudes) to not go cray-cray checking out books from work. Seriously. Maybe just a couple of graphic novels, but that's it. *fingers crossed* At any rate, I was going to really go for it this time and try to make it for the full 24 hours, but now I have to take a CPR recertification class the next afternoon, so who knows how my willpower will hold out. (Plus, I don't want to look like a hungover chick during class.) 

Getting excited? Picking out your books? Already making up a menu of snacks? Don't forget to ask off of work - who wants to be working when you could be reading?!?