Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today I got my very first parking ticket.  Bastards!  OK, yes, I know that the sign said "2 Hour Parking Only", but I have parked there about 8 times before and never had a problem, not to mention the fact that I've never seen a parking biatch in the neighborhood.  And yet for some strange reason, in the middle of a client session, I thought to myself "Hey - hope I don't get a parking ticket today cuz that would totally suck".  And when I walked out to my car 2 hours later, there it was, flapping in the breeze like the wind blowing through a baby's downy angelic hair.  Of course my first reaction was "SHIT! You A-holes!"  Then I realized that I can't do a darn thing about it and just opened it up to check the damages - $22 - and thought "Eh.  I just blew that yesterday at the movies (that's what she said), it could've been worse".  So I added it to the stack o'bills and it's now on its' merry way to be distributed inappropriately somewhere in Milwaukee County.  Balls. I know it's my fault, but still - balls.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello again.  I think that this is going to be one of those things that I'll update 4 times in a day one day and then not update it again for 3 more days.  

I'm not sure what to write about on here exactly, so I'll just blab some stuff that's been rattling around in my head.  I went to see Revolutionary Road this afternoon.  It was so fantastic.  Not as depressing and angry as the previews made it seem, just excellent.  As usual Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were absolutely outstanding!  Seriously, can either of them do any wrong?  Didn't think so.  It is such a crime that neither of them were nominated for an Academy Award.  I think it's the best work either of them have done to date.  Please make a point to see this movie if you haven't already!

Let's see, what else?  I'd like to start putting photos I've taken on here, but seeing as how the only camera I have is a 35mm without film, I doubt that I'll be doing that any time soon.  I really should get a digital camera, they have been around for quite awhile and I used to be quite the picture-taking slut.  I do kind of miss it.  For now I'll just post a picture of my two cats, Chico and Sweetpea.  

Just to clarify, I'm not one of those crazy cat people who wear cat sweatshirts and cat earrings and have cat-themed things in my house.  I just love animals, period.  Especially when they're this cute!  They're five years old, brother and sister, and gigantic babies.  Of course if you're going to have pets you pretty much have to spoil them, right?  They're my furry, four-legged kids and I love them so much!  They're curled up together in a chair right now, snoozing away. 

Alright, I had better get going.  Need to pack some things for work tomorrow morning and make a list of things to do tomorrow afternoon.  

Good night!

Well hello there!

Hiya!  Welcome to my blog.  Who knows if this will be productive, worthwhile, or even interesting.  Let's give it a go and see what comes up. (That's what she said!)

Thanks for stopping by!