Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hour 20

Getting tired now for sure. Usually if I'm up at 2 a.m. I'm either trying desperately to finish a book or I can't sleep for love nor money. Now I'm voluntarily up this late/early to keep on reading! Perhaps a little juice will keep me going. I fear, however, that I'll have to lay down on the couch fairly soon, and then it could mean a nap for me. I'll try to persist and keep on truckin.

Pages read: 236
Total: 934

Time reading: 160 min
Total: 9 hrs 51 min

Books completed: 4
Blogs visited: 0
Total: 5
Mini-challenges completed: 5

I think that after I finish my current YA book, it's going to be graphic novel time for me.

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