Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bout of Books Updates

Hello everyone!  I kept thinking this RAT was next week, and suddenly - BOOM - it's already started and I'm a day behind. But no matter - what counts here is reading and having fun, right? 

I'll be updating this one post (don't know why I haven't done that before, sorry) throughout the week unless it gets to be too unwieldy. 

My goals for this week are to:
-read the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse series (currently on book #11)
-get started on at least one book from either of my book club selections
-read at least another 20% in "Outlander"
-read for at least an hour a day
-have a good time!

Update #1 - Tuesday afternoon

So far this week I've read 3 books, but that was just on Sunday, so it doesn't really count for this 'thon. After I worked this morning I had lunch with my Mom, came home to make a few phone calls (ugh, insurance!), and am getting ready to settle in to reading for a while while I pop up every hour or so to switch loads of laundry. I'm hoping to be able to finish "Dead Reckoning" by Charlaine Harris today. Only 300 pages left, it should be doable. 

Update #2 - Friday afternoon

I have NO IDEA what my problem is, but I've hardly read a thing all week. Partly it's probably because I've been working/running around a little more, and it's partly because I've been catching up on recorded TV more than usual. I've only managed to get another maybe 50 pages read in "Dead Reckoning", and a little further into both "Outlander" and "Pirate Vishnu" on my Kindle. The goal to read an hour a day has been essentially ignored. Today is a day off for me and I've been spending it cleaning up and sorting out some paperwork. (It seems I do this a lot and there are always piles still sitting around. WTF?!?) At any rate, I'll be having a break for lunch soon, and perhaps after that I can at least put on an audiobook so I get reading done somehow. 

Also, I've just realized that one of my book clubs is meeting Monday night and I have yet to start the nearly 500 pager. Oops? 

Bout of Books Totals

Books completed:
Pages read: ~50
Time reading(ish): 

Final Update
Well, kids, I Super Failed at this. My brain just wouldn't function every time I sat down to read, and it kept staring out the window or who knows what. So I stunk it up. But this was just my first BOB RAT and I did virtually zero planning for it. Next time, I'll be more prepared and will hopefully be able to have off one whole day to sit and read. 


  1. Hello, RAT pal! Nice to see you here. I probably should have given BoB a miss this time since I have visitors - couldn't seem to resist, however. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. Good luck on your goals for the week. I like Charlaine Harris, too. I did give up on Sookie after about 4 books, but I've read all her non-paranormal stuff and hope she writes some more. Will check on you tomorrow!