Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: A Practical Guide to Addison's & Adrenal Fatigue by Regan J. Heineke


Title:"A Practical Guide to Addison's and Adrenal Fatigue: Advice for dealing with Addison's/adrenal fatigue from a female over-achiever diagnosed at 31"
Author: Ms. Regan J. Heineken
Pages: 68
Format: Paperback

I'll start off by first recommending that you purchase a print copy of the book. To save myself over $10 on an unknown reference book, I bought the kindle version - unless you have a color e-reader, a good portion of the text will be unreadable as it appears in a light grey color - and when what I could see to read was helpful and straightforward, I purchased a print copy anyways. Plus, for a reference book like this, it's much easier to flip the the right page than tap the screen 15 times to get to the right place.

And I'm glad I did purchase a print copy. As someone who is waiting for a diagnosis of some kind of adrenal malfunction (be it Addison's, secondary, or primary adrenal failure), I found this book very helpful and informative. Since Ms. Heineke is a regular person, she can break down functions, symptoms, hormones, etc, all into non-medical language that anyone can understand. Her personal experiences and experiments with medication doses (printed in that grey color) come at just the right time. Whether it's after a wordy few pages of hormone speak or when she introduces a new topic, reading what she went through and figured out for herself was very helpful.

Addison's and adrenal fatigue are autoimmune disorders that do not have a cure. There is only treatment with pills and lifestyle changes, and as she says so accurately in the text, figuring this out is an art, not a science. Having this as a reference is already incredibly helpful in bringing my anxiety down a few notches, and it will be coming with me to my first Endocrinologist appointment next week. 

Thank you so much, Regan, for writing this book!

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