Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How is it September already?

Seriously. It feels like it should be April or May, not September. Where has this year gone? You know they say that time passes by faster the older you get. At this rate, every year after I'm 40 will seem like a week!

Could it BE any nicer outside? It's freaking perfect! 70 degrees, no humidity, sunny, a little breeze - GORGEOUS! I wish spring was like this, instead of the muddy, chilly mess it usually is. It's no nice to have windows wide open as we head into fall. I mean, autumn is my favorite season, and I love me some sweaters, but I could really take a couple of weeks of this kind of weather. Love it!!!

The battle with my stuff rages on. I've taken a small pause while I work on stuff for job #2, but I plan on attacking the paper again over the weekend. Since I now have a deadline (that Lia Sophia party I got roped into having at the house), I need to bust my butt and get things done. I'm excited! And a little nervous too. OK, a lot nervous, but still...excited!

I just got an urgent email, so I should get going. Is 4:45pm too early for a drink? God, I hope not...vodka tonic, here I come!!!

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