Sunday, December 27, 2009

TwentyTen Reading Challenge

This challenge sounded like too much fun to me! Hosted by Bart at bartsbookshelf. The rules:
  • Read 2 books from each category, for 20 books total.
  • The categories are intended to be loose guidelines only - if you decide it fits, it fits. (Apart from those marked **)
  • Categories marked with ** have tighter rules and these must be followed.
  • Each book can only qualify for one category.
  • Crossovers with other challenges are allowed.
  • Challenge lasts the entire 2010 calendar year.
The Categories

1. Young Adult
Any book classified as young adult or featuring a teenage protagonist counts for this category.
- "Viola in Reel Life" by Adriana Trigiani (January)
- "Briar Rose" by Jane Yolen (March)

2. T.B.R.**
Intended to help reduce the old T.B.R. pile. Books for this category must already be residents of your bookshelves as of November 1, 2009.
- "Scandals, Vandals, and da Vincis" by Harvey Rachlin (February)
- "Bronte Country" ed. by Glenda Leeming (February)

3. Shiny & New
Bought a NEW book in 2010? Then it counts.
-"Living Introverted" by Lee Ann Lambert (June)
-"Never Learn Anything from History by Kate Beaton (June)

4. Bad Blogger's**
These books were picked up purely on the recommendation of another blogger. (Any reviews should also link to the original post that convinced you.)
- "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" by Shirley Jackson. Recommended by Bad Blogger Eva at A Striped Armchair. Her review is here.
- "Godmother" by Carolyn Turgeon. Recommended by Bad Blogger Swapna Krishna at SKrishna'sBooks. Her review is here.

5. Charity
Purchased in a charity/thrift shop.
-"The Golden Bowl" by Henry James (July)

6. New in 2010
Newly published in 2010, whether it's the first time released, or the first time published in your country.
- "Wench" by Dolen Perkins-Valdez (February)
- "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova (March)

7. Older Than You
Books that were published before you were born.
- "Botchan", Natsume Soseki (February)
- "Carmilla", J Sheridan Le Fanu (March)

8. Win! Win!
Have a couple of books you need to read for another challenge? Then this is the category to use.
-"The Kitchen Boy", Robert Alexander (August)
-"Nicholas and Alexandra" Robert K. Massie (August)

9. Who Are You Again?
Authors you have never read or have never heard of before.
- Chris Abani (February)
- Kris Waldherr (February)

10. Up to You!
I'm choosing Graphic Novels for this category.
- "The Arrival", Shaun Tan (January)
- "The Watchmen", Alan Moore (February)

2010 is shaping up to be a great year of reading and reading challenges!!!

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