Saturday, October 17, 2015

The next 6

3:00 PM / Hour 9

Well, that was some wasted time! I grabbed lunch, ate, and then got sucked into TV. Whoops! Time to buckle down and get focused again. I've pulled a couple of GNs, and a new book too, so as soon as I'm done here I'll be back at it! 

Hour 8 Challenge

Hosted by Books, The Universe, and Everything. Armchair Traveling! It's one of my favorite things about reading. If you could be transported to the setting of a novel, what book would you choose, and where would it transport you? 

I'd love to be able to visit rural 1950's Britain and the fictional world of one Miss Flavia de Luce. Seeing Buckshaw, the crumbling family estate, the small village of Bishop's Lacey, and wandering in the spooky woods would be such a thrill! (I realize that this place doesn't actually exist, but small rural English villages do!) And if I could spy Flavia speeding past on Gladys, or Dogger in the greenhouse, that would be even better. 

image found on bunnylake's Tumblr page via Google

1:15 PM

No updates yet, per se, as I've been dithering around online in the last 45 minutes. And I'll probably be doing more of the same for awhile. I'll be heading out to pick up some lunch soon, and will watch a little TV too. I think a graphic novel may be up next for me. 

Hour 7 Challenge

This one is hosted by The Secrets In Books. The challenge is to share your creepy Halloween read. I have a couple of scary reads in mind for the rest of the month, but I chose "The Haunted Looking Glass", a collection of short stories chosen and illustrated by one of my favorites, Edward Gorey. I'm hoping to get through several of these today, and that by their relative short nature and various authors, I'll be all different kinds of scared!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your first book, and I hope you found something tasty for lunch. That is a really creepy looking cover! Happy readathon!

  2. Great top 10 list! And I LOVE the cover of The Haunted Looking Glass - beautiful and spooky at the same time. Glad to see you finally ate that blueberry doughnut! Reading about it has made me want a real treat - I may have to make a bakery run (you did say today's calories don't count...) Will check in on you in a bit.

    And thanks for letting me know about the prize. I hadn't checked. Woo Hoo!

  3. Thanks, Amy! Lunch was very tasty, but I think any meal I don't make myself tastes better, so... Happy readathon to you too!

    Mwah hah hah! My plan to get to you on a bakery run worked, Sherry! ;) You're right, calories don't count - it's like all you ate today was plain lettuce. Hope you've got some baked goods in your sights, and I'll be checking back with you in a while!

  4. I listened to the first Flavia de Luce and just adored her! Sometimes graphic novels are just the thing to bridge that distracted time when it's hard to concentrate on just words because you need some visuals to with it! I've got some in my stack too! The Edward Gorey shorts sounds interesting as well, I'll have to look into that! Glad you're joining us today and remember to enjoy yourself! -- Shaunie Team Dogwood :)

  5. Love the collage--and Flavia de Luce. It's been entirely too long since I've visited her world! And I hear you on the TV--I've been avoiding turning it on all day but I know that as soon as our kids are in bed my husband will want to watch the show we've been binging on. Sigh.

    You still have plenty of time for great reading!! ;)

  6. TV? WHAAA??! Hop to it, young lady!

  7. Hi Shaunie! Flavia is pretty great, and I am all about graphic novels/comics during the 'thon. They're a great way to give your eyes a bit of a break. The Gorey is a pretty good so far, creepy more than scary, but that's fine by me! Thanks so much for stopping by, and a Happy Readathon to you!

    Hi Trish, and thanks! Oh my gosh, I hear you on show binge-ing. It can eat away hours like *that*. Hope you have more restraint than I did! ;) You've got plenty of time for reading too, missy! Happy 'thon-ing!

    I KNOW, I'm a slacker! Thanks for keeping me on task, RAT buddy! :) I did just take a walk, but I had an audiobook along so it still counts!