Monday, March 23, 2009

It's another day at home, and I'm avoiding my taxes fairly successfully.  I really have to try to keep up on my record-keeping this year so I can avoid spending hours writing everything down and searching desperately for random receipts that aren't where I know I put them last.  Oh well.  At least I can do laundry and listen to Bill Bryson while I'm taxing it up! 

On a positive note, my kitchen is coming along nicely, albeit a little slowly.  I'll post more pics once I finish my dishes.  It's been such a relief to get rid of things, or at the very least, give things a new home.  There are now actual flat surfaces that stay crap-free almost all of the time!  Amazing!  I can't wait to get my taxes done (so far I have earned negative $ for the first half of 2008 - great) so I can file all of this paperwork crap away and start on my dining room/home office.  The living room still looks good, and now that the kitchen is almost complete, this office is the last major bane of my home existence.  I fully expect to get caught up on sorting and filing and deciding what to keep and what to recycle, but seeing as how it's going to take me almost a month to finish my kitchen, I'll give myself the same amount of time for the office.  Maybe it seems like I'm giving myself too long for each room, but you know what?  I'm actually doing something this time and I'm enjoying it in the process.  

Alright, back to my taxes.  I think I'll listen to a history of Marie Antoinette now for a change of pace.  And there's always dinner for a nice distraction.  I'm hoping to finish my taxes tonight, but I'm not holding my breath.  Wish me luck - and hope that I will have actually earned some money last year!


  1. Nice work! Do you want to come over to my house and organize the closets?

  2. Actually yes, it's much more fun when it's not your own crap. I'll be right over... :)