Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's the same old, same old around here.  The only new exception is that I am super-motivated to clean the old stuff out of my house and finally put things where I'd like them to be.  What a concept, hey?!?  And I know it's only been 5 or 6 years that I've lived here, but I don't like to rush things too much.  (sigh...)  

The catalyst for the push to clean out this time was thanks to Oprah.  I've always liked her show (I DVR it every day!) and have always love love loved Peter Walsh.  I've been reading "It's All Too Much" for quite a while now, and after reading a chapter again and catching a re-run of the "Clean Up Your Messy House" show I reached a breaking point.  The only problem was that I did need help getting rid of stuff, even if it was only having a friend standing next to me asking "do you really need that?".  After sitting here in this pit getting more depressed by the minute, I broke down, emailed G & A and asked for help.  (Side note, why is it so dang hard for me to ask for help?) So, I cleaned up my coffee table that day, and then this weekend G and I did half of my kitchen.  I've decided to post the pictures as extra motivation to keep things cleaned up.  I feel a little more accountable that way.  Here are the before and afters!

Guess I'll be off to procrastinate and have an early old-folks dinner.  I've got water aerobics tonight and I need to eat dinner around 4 if I want to avoid barfing in the pool with the old ladies.  They might frown on that. 


  1. Hey Laura! Found you on Jess's blog. :-) Good for you! I need to do the same thing and tackle the clutter in my house... especially our office! Looks like a tornado hit! Good luck getting everything organized. It can be overwhelming... just take it one space at a time.

  2. Thanks, Erica! You too. Don't you just look around and think "what the hell happened and who left their stuff everywhere"? It's amazing, and not necessarily in a good way. Good luck to you too!