Friday, November 20, 2009

It's friggin' Friday

And still not much is done. I'm FINALLY starting to get motivated, and now I only have an hour free before I need to go to a meeting for Job #1, then stop and pick up some chestnuts on the way home, work for another hour or two, and go to a home party at a friends' house. Yeah.

However, I did have breakfast with a friend today that was pretty helpful. We're both in the same industry, we think alike, and have similar outlooks... and of course, she's about twice my age. (In case you didn't know at least half of my really good friends are in their late forties to mid-sixties.) At least once a month, more often if we can swing it, we meet for a cheap-o breakfast and sit and talk for a couple of hours about what is going on in our lives, what we think about continuing to work in this industry, ramifications and options on both sides, any health issues, roots of problems, etc etc etc. It's really quite nice. We talked about lots of stuff today and I really realized that while Job #2 is perfect in a lot of ways, it's not something that I'd like to keep on doing. Not that I'm going to run out and quit, but there are so many layers and it's such a huge time commitment (more mentally than anything else) that it's making me crazy. It's why my friend gave it up and passed it on to me - she couldn't take it any more either. I feel the same way, and it's happening at the same time that it did for her, too. Is it the job then? Or is it us? Ugh, who knows?!?! We've been brainstorming about a business we can work on together that is creative and flexible and fun, and she questions me about things that no one else really does (or rather, that few do), and we're making some progress. It might not seem like progress to anyone else but us, but I assure you, it's something. It's exciting and makes me think in a way that I haven't in a long-ass time. A nice change.

Wow, what a ramble.

On another note, I'm not getting any reading done. Unless you count US Weekly and People magazine, that is. Isn't it like this for you too? There are certain times when you can read like nobody's business for a few weeks, and then you just stare at books for a few weeks thinking "I should probably finish that. Hmph. I wonder what's on BBC America now." I'd still like to try and finish my challenge for the year, but reading 13 (or is it 14?) books AND all of Les Miserables in the next 6 weeks seems unlikely.

Maybe I'm just in a pre-holiday slump, like in college - don't write that paper/read that book/work on that presentation until the last possible second and then look out! I'll be working like the house is on fire for 2 days! I think that's what this is. And I should really be getting back to it. As I've confirmed this week, things don't get done on their own - dammit!

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