Saturday, April 27, 2013

Update #1

Pages read: 126 plus one audio disc
Time reading: nearly 3 hours

Total pages read:  126 & 1 disc
Total reading time: nearly 3 hours
Books finished: "Sizeable Reflections" ed. by Shelley Bovey

Books read from: "The Well of Lost Plots" by Jasper Fforde (audio), "Soulless, The Manga, Vol. 1" by Gail Carriger

I've been enjoying my morning, taking my time, staring out the window. It's hour 5 (I think) and I've only gotten 3 hours in - not great, but just fine. However, I've just prepped my chili, had a quick visit with my neighbor (don't think I've seen her in person in a couple of months!) when she brought over a jar of tomatoes for me to borrow, checked in on some blogs, and as soon as this CD is over with and lunch is made, I'll be back to hitting the books again. 


  1. Sounds like you're doing just fine! And taking time to stare out the window is giving your eyes a nice break! I've read The Eyre Affair and Soulless (didn't know there was manga) - liked them both. Mmmm....chili. I've decided the crock pot is the way to go next time - enough of my pizza for dinner RAT tradition!

  2. Thursday Next books make for good audiobooks...good call! Keep up the reading!