Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hour 4

Pages read: 144

Total: 144

Time reading: 1 hr 15 min

Total: 2 hrs 16 min

Books completed: 1

Blogs visited: 3

Total: 3

Mini-challenges completed: 1

Notes: Ran to the post office, did a little work for Job #2, all while listening to "Eat, Pray, Love". I'm getting ready to turn off the audiobook for awhile and start physically reading again. Oops! - need to let the cats upstairs for a little playtime first. There, all done.

Also had breakfast, my second cup of coffee (I think that's all the caffeine I can handle for awhile), and while I can't say it's exactly sunny outside, it is getting brighter. Kind of like someone is turning up the brightness knob on a television set. (Anyone else out there remember when TV's had knobs instead of buttons?)


  1. You're doing great! What are you reading?

  2. Right now I'm just about to pick up "The Royals" by Kitty Kelley. This is one I was hoping to finish, but now I'm not so sure. I'm heading over to your blog to check on your progress!