Friday, April 8, 2011

First Quarter Wrap-Up 2011

My goal for this year is to read 121 books, but other than the slim requirement of reading at least 5 in each category (for my 11 in 11 challenge on LibraryThing) I decided to be kind to myself this year and not sweat anything else. I think I need to start "sweating" about the lack of reading in a few of these categories!

Doorstoppers: 2 / 5 read
Contemplate a Classic: 1 / 5
LT Recommends: 4 / 5
PBS'ers: 2 / 5
Main shelf #1, authors A - G: 4 / 5
#2, G - P: 0 / 5
#3, P - Z: 0 / 5
Work bookcase: 1 / 5
Travel bookcase: 2 / 5
Guest Bedroom bookcase: 1 / 5
Magpie Central: 23 / 5

Favorite book of Q:
The Library by Sarah Stewart
Least favorite book: The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way

Thoughts: I'm very surprised to have already read 40 books this quarter! Yes, some of them were children's books, but they still count! I've read almost all good books, just the one "stinker", so I hope that trend continues throughout the rest of the year. Something that I need to remind myself of in the future is that I don't need to be totally present for each sentence I read in each book. I can just read them and not be continually looking for the book that "changes my life", nor do I need to make every book I read into some version of that. Sometimes I just exhaust myself!

If I can keep this pace up for the next 9 months, it should be my most prolific reading year ever! Tomorrow I'm participating in Deweys' 24-Hour Read-a-thon, and the only goal I have for myself is to finish at least 3 books that I'm currently reading. (The fact that I'm actually reading from 10 books is a sad state of where my head is these days!) Alright, I'm off to pick up the house and prep some food for my big day of reading tomorrow!

I'm not planning on updating every hour like I have in the past, but if I get antsy enough I might be here every hour. Really, I'd just like to read as much as possible. See you soon!


  1. This is my 2nd RAT, and last time I got a little carried away reading everyone's blogs! This time I'd also like to get more READING done(of books, that is). Good luck! I'll pop in and say hi.

  2. Hey Sherry Ann! This will be my fourth one, and I always get carried away with blog reading. Plus, after twelve hours of reading, I spend a little too much time generally screwing around online for something different to do! Good luck to you too, I'll be checking in on your progress!

    Get some good sleep and I'll see you tomorrow morning!