Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hour 4

The time seems to go so quickly at the beginning, and at the end.... slow as molasses. 

Hour 3 Challenge - Shelfie

This is what I spend most of my time looking at, as it's the wall with the TV in my living room. The small shelf on the left is poetry, and the rest of the shelves starting at the upper left and wrapping down towards my DVD/CD shelves are some of my TBRs in reverse alpha order. Stacked on top of the DVD shelves are my RAT books, and you can just see the corner of my fireplace mantel (with my essential oil diffuser) and the top part of my red chofa (chair/sofa) with a very unattractive 80's pillowcase on top to help keep some cat hair off. It's a losing battle, as that's one of their favorite places to lay, but it does help a little. Believe me, there are PLENTY more shelves I could've chosen, but this is the one I see all the time, so I figured it was the best choice. 

Hour 4 Challenge - Quotable Quotes
This is right from the beginning of "The Bone Season".

I like to imagine there were more of us in the beginning. Not many, I supposed. But more than there are now.
We are the minority the world does not accept. Not outside of fantasy, and even that's blacklisted. We look like everyone else. Sometimes we act like everyone else. In many ways, we are like everyone else. We are everywhere, on every street. We live in a way you might consider normal, provided you don't look too hard.
Not all of us know what we are. Some of us die without ever knowing. Some of us know, and we never get caught. But we're out there. 
Trust me. 

What I'm reading: "The Bone Season" by Samantha Shannon
Time reading/listening: 3 hours

Here's hoping I can get a little actual book time soon!


  1. Oooh - love the book wall! And thanks for telling me I won a prize! I don't know when I would have thought to check that - and from Hour 1! Must go check out the mini-challenges as I didn't do ANY of them last time...

  2. Ooh, what'd you pick for your prize? There seemed like a lot more to choose from than there was last time - a good thing!

    I'll head over to your place and see how you're doing!