Wednesday, October 15, 2014

R.A.T. TBR pile

I'm really trying not to be an over-planning, over-library-checker-outer of books this time around, despite the fact that 9 graphic novels came home with me on Friday, and I have another 7 regular books sitting here. Just ignore those piles, and check out what I pulled off of my shelves for Dewey's this time!

These three are oversized/easy/quick reads that I can use to either boost numbers or keep me going when my brain is tired.

This stack is full of scary, creepy, Halloween-y things like ghosts, vampires, and aliens. A couple of them I've been saving for the October Dewey's, and they've been sitting on my shelves, unread, for years. I'm hoping to get at least a couple of these bad boys finished.

This last one has short, picture-filled, or comfort reading. I'm currently reading all of the Poirot books in order, so #4, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd", will be next for me. And most of the others in the stack I've wanted to read earlier, and put them back in anticipation for the RAT. "Shackleton" was a win from the last RAT (and my first RAT win ever!!!), so I figured it'd be appropriate to save it for this next one. And I'd read bits and pieces out of the "Twitterature" book, but now I'll actually go and read it straight through. 

I'm not going to picture my library book stacks now, since I'll either read them before Saturday, or I'll save them to read on Saturday and would like a spur of the moment thing to happen. Plus, you guys don't want to see and hear about the same books all the time, do you? Didn't think so. 

Normally, I like to save the night before the 'thon to grocery shop, prep food, clean up the house, start my meme's, etc. This time around, I work until 3, have a 5:00 massage client, and have a writing group meeting after that, so I'll have to plan everything out this Thursday instead. Here's hoping I don't forget anything or think that I'll have time the next night, when actually, I'm just hoping to be in bed and sleeping by 11!  

See you all at 7 AM on Saturday, if not before!


  1. Hi RAT PAL! Happy to see you here. Looks like you have some great reads picked out. I have an Agatha Christie as well - I think she's still my favorite mystery writer. See you tomorrow!

  2. HI SHERRY ANN!!!!! I'm so excited to be doing this with you again. :) I have a Christie question for you - are you reading them in order, or just hopping around and reading what sounds good? And, what about Nancy Drew - are you reading them in order too?

    Okay, need to go and figure out some way to settle down - I had a giant Starbucks latte a couple of hours ago, and the caffeine is in full effect!