Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hours 13 - 17

These next couple of posts may be a little light on info, methinks. Starting to get sleeeeeepy. 

Hour 13 and the start of 14

Pages read: 352
Time reading: 1 hr 5 min

Pages 649
Books Finished 3
Time Reading 7 hrs 30 min (audiobook - 3 hrs 10 min)
Challenges 5 (Hours 1, 3, 5, 11, and 12)

Well, that was a productive hour spent reading two graphic novels. I'm starting to feel better about having gotten more than one title finished, though. Trying to decide whether to push myself to read a book that I've already started and isn't grabbing me, or to start a new one that I saved for this readathon? Hmmm. Maybe if I find something to snack on, I'll be able to pick something. 

Hour 15

Listening to more of "The Bone Season" while I'm online. Also, I did this hours' mini-challenge, Book Spine Poetry, hosted by Ticket to Anywhere.

The Lost Faces of the Living Dead,
Riders Through the Woods;
The Abomination, An Area of Darkness

Hour 16

Still more "Bone Season", and the challenge of the hour. It's Pet Parade, hosted by Estella's Revenge. You're supposed to take a picture of your pets as they are right now. Since my cats are currently chasing each other around the house, I'll post two pictures from earlier in the day. The first is the two of them sleeping together, Sweetpea (sister) is on the top, and Chico (brother) is on the bottom. The second one is of Chico sleeping on me while I was reading my graphic novels earlier. 

Too bad they have such a rough life, hey?!?

Thoughts: Once again, I'm so glad that I've got an audiobook to get me through this thon. I can wash my face, put things away, check email, all while still reading. I went to check on my neighbor's cat for about 15 minutes, and now I'm making a pizza for "dinner" even though it's nearly 11 PM my time. I've woken up a bit for now, but all bets are off once dinner starts to hit my stomach. 

Hour 17
Some more audiobook time, and I finally turned my TV on to watch an episode of "Modern Family" while I had some pizza. Just put on my pajamas and am going to curl up on the couch with a book for awhile. I expect to fall asleep at some point, and that's okay. I just hope I wake up in time to finish this thing, and not an hour or two afterwards, which is my usual. 

Pages 649
Books finished 3
Time reading 9 hrs 41 min (audiobook - 5 hrs 21 min)
Challenges completed 7 (Hours 1, 3, 5, 11, 12, 15, and 16)


  1. 649 pages is awesome, girl! I've had to get up really early for the last 3 days in a row, so I may end up taking a nap, then getting up to finish out the last hour or 2. I think I'm still good for another 3 hours, though. I hope you find that perfect snack! Although you said the "s" word, so you may HAVE to nap now!

  2. Such pretty cats! Thanks for doing the challenge! --Andi

  3. Oh, I guess I hadn't scrolled all the way down and seen your book spine poetry or cat pictures before my last comment! Your poem is perfect for Halloween season, and the cats are sweeties! I suspect you may be in la-la land now or close to it. Hope to see you here again before the end!

  4. Thanks, Andi! They know they're beauties too, can't imagine where they hear it from all the time. ;)

    Sherry Ann! Glad to see you're still up! When you first commented only the first update was up, you didn't miss anything. :) I'm getting close to la-la land, I'm planning on it in the next hour, really. Fingers crossed I'll be back here before the official end!