Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ellie's New Year Read-a-thon: The End

It's a little late for this update, but here it is anyways.

Total pages read: 1,020
Since last update: 513
+ 35 min of audiobook

Books completed: 3, plus decent-sized chunks of 2 others
Doctor Dolittle's Journey
Wisconsin's Own

Total time reading: 10 hrs
Since last check-in: 2 hrs, 40 min
35 min audiobook
40 min Stitches
85 min WI Own

I stopped my "official" count 20 minutes after the deadline since I received two phone calls in the last stretch and I only had 20 or so pages left in my book. Not a bad days reading, considering I slept 6 hours and worked this morning.

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