Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ellie's New Year Read-a-thon: The Middle

This will be the last update of the night for me. I could keep reading, but I need to get some sleep.

Total pages read: 507
12 pgs in The Education of Henry Adams
134 pgs in Scarlet
65 min of audiobook
125 pgs in Wisconsin's Own
124 pgs in Doctor Dolittle's Journey
44 min audio
112 pgs in
A Load of Old Ball Crunchers

Books completed: 1
Doctor Dolittle's Journey

Total time reading: 7 hrs, 20 min

I'll read for a bit on the couch before going to bed, and will try to update here before work tomorrow. Otherwise I'll see you in the last 2-hour stretch! Good night and good luck everyone!

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