Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hour 10

Pages read: 84

Time reading: 1 hr 26 min

Books completed: 2

Blogs visited: 3

Mini-challenges completed: 1

Total pages: 84

Total time reading: 5 hr 24 min

Total books completed: 2

Total blogs visited: 5

Total challenges completed: 2 (Intro and Book Sentence)

I'm finally done with "Stiff"!!!! No more rotting corpses for me - at least not the literal variety - and I'm starting to read physical books instead of just listening to them. My parents stopped over to drop something off and ended up staying for over an hour, so I lost some good reading time. But that's okay - it helped keep me awake. Now it's just starting to get a little darker outside, and I'm worried that when it's pitch black in a couple of hours that I'll crash and want to take a nap! Alright, back to reading. How is everyone else doing?

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