Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hour 7

And I have yet to touch a page! I'm nearly done with "Stiff", which, though incredibly interesting and funny, is more stomach-turning than I expected. Yuck.

Pages read: 0

Time reading: 2 hours (all in “Stiff” by Mary Roach)

Books completed: 0

Blogs visited: 1

Mini-challenges completed: 0

Total pages: 0

Total time reading: 3 hr 58 min

Total books completed: 0

Total blogs visited: 2

Total challenges completed: 1 (Intro)


  1. Hope you have finished Stiff by now so you can eat lunch! :) I'm really enjoying my mystery. I love Sue Grafton and have her whole Alphabet Mystery series ('V' comes out next month!) I have been on the same book all morning, both reading and on CD. Getting back to it now!

  2. Hello, Laura! ;)

    You've just faced something that most read-a-thon participants would be careful to avoid - a rut. But you can pull this off. I just know it! :D
    Say you love mysteries, right? How about if you start with something light? Kinda like an appetizer to the main course. COZY MYSTERIES are a good place to start. This particular website lists probably all of them with a short description for each, too:

    Good luck! ;)

    And before you get annoyed and ask who I am to dispense such advice, I'm just one of the Golden Grahams who signed up to cheer read-a-thon participants. If you'd rather chat on twitter while selecting your book (or finally braving Stiff), tweet me: @travelingreadr. I'm still on for a couple of minutes. ;)


  3. Hi Sherry and Traveling Reader! I am officially done with Stiff now (phew!) and am reading books without oozing bodies or maggots. And Traveling, thanks for the link - I'll be sure to check it out once this crazy 'thon is over with!