Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hour 18

Well, I had to bust out the popcorn and orange soda to give me that little kick to finish my book!  Now I'm starting to fade, though, and I'm not sure what I feel like reading next. 

Books finished: 1
Pages read: 184
Time reading: 1 hr 19 min


Total books finished: 3
"The School for Good and Evil" by Soman Chainani (488 pgs)
"The Pirates! In An Adventure With Ahab" by Gideon DeFoe (154 pgs)
"Jim Henson's Return To Labyrinth Vol. 1" by Jake T. Forbes and Chris Lie (208 pgs)

Total time reading: 13 hrs 8 min - 7 hrs 12 min audiobook, 5 hrs 56 min reading

Total pages read: 764

Total challenges participated in: 6     Hour 1 (introduction questionnaire), Hour 2 (books and music), Hour 3 (book cover/food challenge), Hour 4 (book spine poetry), Hour 12 (Mid-event survey), and Hour 13 (Best of Your Reading Year)

Total blogs visited: 7


I think I'll wash my face for the night and pick up something smallish to read, probably a graphic novel or something.

How are you all doing?


  1. Yum - orange soda and popcorn! I just washed my face as well - I think that will be good for at least 30 more minutes of awake time. I don't think I'll last all night, but I'll try to hang in there for a few more hours. Last time I slept for a bit, then came back for the last hour, so maybe I'll do that again. You are doing an awesome amount of reading, girl - I'm impressed!

  2. Woo! Hour 18! I'm thinking of picking up something smallish next too :)

  3. Sherry Ann, I give you major props for coming back to read after you've slept for a few hours. Usually my body just stays asleep! I never did get my face washed last time, so will do it now.

    DD, thanks for stopping by! Smallish is the way to go in these late hours - and if it's got pictures, that's even better!