Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hour 4

So far, so good. Getting some decent time in to my current audiobook, and I've managed to finish one whole book! (It's a manga, but still.)

Reading: Still listening to Charlemaigne Pursuit
Food: Coffee, water, bagel
Books finished: 1


Total books finished: 1 
"Jim Henson's Return To Labyrinth Vol. 1" by Jake T. Forbes and Chris Lie

Total time reading: 4 hrs 50 min - 4 hrs 20 min audiobook, 30 min reading
(I started early, but I know that I'll need a break in a while so that extra 15 minutes will help deflect some of that time out.)

Total challenges participated in: 4     Hour 1 (introduction questionnaire), Hour 2 (books and music), Hour 3 (book cover/food challenge), Hour 4 (book spine poetry - see below)

Total blogs visited: 3



One of my favorite challenges every time, this time it's being posted/hosted by Capricious Reader

Companions along the way,
across the unknown,
the eyes of the killer robot glow


  1. Whoops - I wasn't finished with my comment. You ROCK, girl, and are putting me to shame! I hope I can "get with the program" now after a slow start.