Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hour 9

My parents were over for just over an hour, and then I finished a book. Just taking a quick break to throw in a load of laundry and try to get Charlemaigne finished. Or well, to be more accurate, closer to being finished. (I'm finally on disc 9 of 13.)

Reading: Charlemaigne...still. 

Books finished: 1 


Total books finished: 2
"The Pirates! In An Adventure With Ahab" by Gideon DeFoe (154 pgs)
"Jim Henson's Return To Labyrinth Vol. 1" by Jake T. Forbes and Chris Lie (208 pgs)

Total time reading: 7 hrs 27 min - 5 hrs 57 min audiobook, 1 hr 53 min reading

Total pages read: 362

Total challenges participated in: 4     Hour 1 (introduction questionnaire), Hour 2 (books and music), Hour 3 (book cover/food challenge), Hour 4 (book spine poetry - see below)

Total blogs visited: 5


I'll be hitting up "The School for Good and Evil" next (it's one that I really like a lot but haven't touched in a couple of months), and hopefully will have at least 1 load of laundry washed by the time I come back again. 


  1. I hope the read-a-thon is going great for you. If only things like laundry would do themselves!
    Jenn and The Cats from *Team Owl*

  2. Thanks, Jenn & Cats! It is going well. And, if you find any way to make laundry do itself, please let me know - it's endless! ;)