Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hour 6

Less reading being done than I'd planned on, but oh well. I just ran a couple errands (to the post office and the pet store for some food for the kitties), refilled my bird feeders, and got a call from my parents that they're stopping over to cut the cats' nails in a few minutes. Necessary, to be sure, but here's hoping that it doesn't turn into a long visit. (No offense - I love when they come over - I just want to be reading a lot today!) 

Books reading: still listening to "Charlemaigne", and got a start on "The Pirates! and an Adventure with Ahab" by Gideon DeFoe

Time reading since last update:  1 hr 17 min (55 min audio, 23 min reading)


Total books finished: 1 
"Jim Henson's Return To Labyrinth Vol. 1" by Jake T. Forbes and Chris Lie

Total time reading: 6 hrs 7 min - 5 hrs 37 min audiobook, 53 min reading

Total challenges participated in: 4     Hour 1 (introduction questionnaire), Hour 2 (books and music), Hour 3 (book cover/food challenge), Hour 4 (book spine poetry - see below)

Total blogs visited: 3


Parents just pulled up (they brought me lunch - thanks!), so who knows how much reading will get done in the next hour - unless they don't mind listening to my audiobook?!? 

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your lunch and your parental visit! How are you liking "Charlemaigne"? The hours are ticking away too quickly. I must read faster...must read faster...